Talking youth unemployment at Citizens' Parliament

04. 03. 2017

Bringing with them their ideas, concerns and individual experiences, 751 European citizens took the seats of MEPs in the European Parliament on Tuesday to participate in a conference called the Citizens' Parliament. The conference allowed citizens to share their views on the future of the European Union with MEPs. It served as a part of a series of political events to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, and encouraged reflection on how far Europe has come and where it still needs to go.

Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, opened the wave of discussions on youth unemployment, globalisation, security, climate change and the EU after Brexit. Youth Forum Board Member, Tina Hočevar, was a key speaker on the issue of youth unemployment.

Hočevar highlighted the need to have youth employment measures that are tailored to specifically reach those who are more vulnerable. This can be achieved through the implementation of an inclusive Youth Guarantee that targets young people with specific needs (i.e. young migrants or those from lower socio-economic backgrounds). Additionally, she suggested one-stop-shops that ensure services and guidance for employment all in one place. Finally, the strong involvement of youth organisations is needed to be the bridge between policy makers and vulnerable young people.

Equally as important is the necessity of fair working conditions for all employment types.  A set of social rights standards should be applied to all contracts that ensure protection, fair pay and the ability to contribute to statutory pension schemes. Furthermore, putting an end to age based wages will combat discrimination and create a norm of equal pay for equal work.

To watch the video recording of the Citizens’ Parliament, click here.

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