Thank you for our successful online ExGA!

17. 06. 2020

On 6 June, we were very proud to host our first ever online Extraordinary General Assembly (ExGA). Despite the difficult circumstances, the event was able to bring our Members together and show that despite being separated, youth organisations remain united. We will continue to find ways of supporting each other, continuing our work and finding innovative solutions. 

The ExGA was organised following the cancellation of the Youth Forum’s Council of Members, that had been scheduled to take place in Brussels at the end of April. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Board concluded that the risks for holding a physical Council of Members meeting in the immediate future would remain too high. 

By holding an ExGA, the Youth Forum’s Member Organisations were able to take some crucial decisions to ensure the continued day-to-day operations of our organisation. 

These decisions included approving the annual accounts per 31 December 2019, the membership fees for 2020 as well as ratifying the Youth Forum’s new Secretary General, Joe Elborn. 

We are delighted to have Joe on board and on behalf of the Board, Secretariat and our members, we extend our warmest welcome and look forward to working together with you #ForYouthRights.

Joe Elborn, European Youth Forum Secretary General:

Motivation x opportunity x capacity = change. The European Youth Forum has the capacity, the time of opportunity is now and the optimism of youth generates momentum. Together, we are going to build-up the European Youth Forum so it can play an even greater role in bringing the social and political change necessary to re-balance both people and planet.


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