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Conference on the Future of Europe

The stakes are too high to play around with the Future of Europe. We all depend on the foundations we lay today.

our youth is our future

Europe’s future is not secure unless we build a strong foundation for it. This is why we want the Conference on the Future of Europe to make a commitment to make it possible for all young people to complete their education and find quality employment. This journey includes:

  • The right to everyone to pursue employment, further education, or training

  • Replacing unpaid internships with quality jobs

  • Equal access to social protection, on par with other age groups

  • The right to disconnect from the digital world

  • Covid-19 Recovery and Resilience Funding for and consultation with youth

  • Recognition of non-formal/informal learning and volunteering by employers

Civil Society and the Paris Declaration

While the Conference on the Future of Europe may be over, discussions on how to move forward on the outcomes are just beginning!

Civil society, including youth organisations, will have a big role to play in what comes next. Led by Civil Society Europe, the Paris Declaration calls for open, transparent, structured and effective civil dialogue between civil society organisations and EU institutions and Member States.

What is the Conference on the Future of Europe?

Launched in Spring 2021, the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) is a participatory process designed to bring together citizens from across Europe to discuss the EU’s challenges and priorities and to determine the collective future that they want to see.

Anyone from across Europe can take part in discussions at EU, national, regional, and local levels!

The European Commission, the Council, and the European Parliament have committed to this dialogue with citizens across Europe and to following up on the recommendations presented to them.

By Spring 2022, the Conference will produce conclusions and recommendations on how to step Europe into the future.

our future is not a game

Do you want to play around with the Future of Europe? Play with our Jenga instead.

As our future is being discussed, we ask politicians to lay down the foundation blocks for our collective success.

We built this #GiantJenga to remind everyone that the Future of Europe is not a game.

Have you ever played jenga? 🎲 You must remove a block from near the bottom of the tower & place it on the top as the tower becomes dangerously unstable.

Just as this Giant Jenga, the future of Europe depends on the foundations we lay today.

Make sure you pick the right blocks as the stable foundation of our future!

The European Youth Forum's position on the Conference

The Conference is a unique opportunity for the institutions to listen, to be bold, to enact real change, and to improve the lives of young people across Europe.

Young people have a huge stake in the discussions that impact their future. It is essential that their views are heard in the Conference and form the foundation for action.

The Presidents of the Conference and all its participants should commit to:

  • Meaningful, diverse youth participation continues throughout the Conference and in all future EU decision making;

  • A binding legacy mechanism is enshrined in the Conference follow up to ensure institutional accountability for implementing the Conference recommendations;

  • The ability of young people to finish their studies and find a decent job is a priority theme in the recommendations for action coming out of the Conference process.

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