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Conference on the Future of Europe

What is the Conference on the Future of Europe?

Launched in Spring 2021, the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) is a participatory process designed to bring together citizens from across Europe to discuss the EU’s challenges and priorities and to determine the collective future that they want to see.

Anyone from across Europe can take part in discussions at EU, national, regional and local level and join the conversation!

The European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament have committed to this dialogue with citizens across Europe and to following up on the recommendations presented to them throughout the Conference process.

By Spring 2022, the Conference will produce conclusions and recommendations for how to approach Europe’s future.

How do I participate?

The #CoFoE is open to all to get involved! You can look for events to attend at EU/national/regional/local level, contribute your ideas and share details and outcomes of events you are organising around the Conference on this multilingual Platform. The platform is the hub of the Conference where you can debate with and interact with ideas from citizens across Europe. It is structured around ten topics, each with their own separate discussion space:

  • Climate Change and the Environment
  • Health
  • A stronger economy, social justice and jobs
  • EU in the world
  • Values and rights, rule of law, security
  • Digital transformation
  • European democracy
  • Migration
  • Education, youth, culture and sport
  • Other ideas

The European Youth Forum's position on the Conference

The Conference is a unique opportunity for the institutions to listen, to be bold, to enact real change and to improve the lives of young people across Europe!

Young people in particular have a huge stake in these discussions that will impact their current and future realities and the futures of generations of young Europeans to come. It is essential that their views are heard and acted upon during the Conference process and beyond the immediate lifetime of this exercise.

We therefore call upon the Joint Presidency and CoFoE structures to ensure that:

  • Meaningful, diverse youth participation continues throughout the Conference and in all future EU decision making;

  • A binding legacy mechanism is enshrined in the Conference follow up to ensure institutional accountability for implementing the Conference recommendations;

  • A Positive Youth Employment Journey is a priority theme factored into the recommendations for action coming out of the Conference process.

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