Welcome to our new Pool of Trainers and Experts!

22. 05. 2019

This past weekend in Brussels the new Pool of Trainers & Experts (PoTE) of the European Youth Forum gathered for their first meeting to discuss the rules of engagement in the Pool and the ways to contribute to the capacity building of the Youth Forum, Member Organisations, and institutional partners.

The meeting brought together the newly selected trainers and experts and provided them with a space to get to know each other and plan visibility strategies for their work. The members of the Pool also mapped their competencies and expertise.

This year we extended the functionalities of the already existing Pool of Trainers, to Pool of Trainers & Experts, in order to answer to the increased requests to provide expertise in our policy areas to external stakeholders. The new PoTE will act as a resource tool to answer the capacity building needs of our member organisations, as well as partners, and is composed of 17 trainers and 10 experts.

The trainers will continue to support our activities and the capacity building of our members by providing facilitation and pedagogical support in various activities. In addition, the experts will support the implementation of the activities and capacity building of the Youth Forum, Member Organisations, and institutional partners providing their profound level of insights in the different topics of our work.

The European Youth Forum thanks all the trainers and experts for their dedication, and motivation to contribute to the further development of the platform.

If you are interested in requesting support from the PoTE please contact our Membership and Capacity Building Officer, Ivana Davidovska:

More information about the profiles and roles of the trainers and experts, coming soon on our website.

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