Youth Forum joins forces with European Student Think Tank for research on youth employment

08. 06. 2020

The European Youth Forum is proud to announce the launch of its second commitment to the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, “Power in Knowledge: Solution-Based Research to Tackle Emerging Challenges in European Youth Employment"

Today’s rapid societal change and technological innovation bring about new challenges for young people’s future and their rights. These challenges are further exacerbated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which are already disproportionately affecting youth

Together with our partners, European Student Think Tank (EST), a Europe-wide youth network of young researchers, we will aim to provide a better understanding of challenges young people face in the changing world of work and provide solutions for policy-makers.

As part of the commitment, the European Youth Forum will work with EST to deliver ten research papers on topics based on emerging trends in youth employment. The partnership will culminate in a workshop hosted by the Youth Forum to discuss the research with youth organisations working on social and economic inclusion.  

Together, the Youth Forum and EST aim to equip the young with an evidence base that allows them to make informed decisions about their futures, while advocating for governments and institutions to safeguard their social and economic rights through quality job creation. 

This will mark our second commitment to Decent Jobs for Youth. Last year, we committed to “Making a youth-inclusive future of work in Europe” and advocated for the creation of quality jobs for young people in the context of the changing world of work. 

Throughout 2019 we delivered on our commitment by: 

  1. launching our report, “The Future of Work and Youth” 
  2. Developing our Policy Paper on the Future of Work
  3. Organising our myth-busting campaign #EuropeanLeadersProblems

The new commitment will continue to build on this work and to understand the impacts of the changing labour market trends through research. 

You can read more about the commitment here.


About Decent Jobs for Youth

Decent Jobs for Youth is the global initiative to scale up action and impact on youth employment in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This platform is a hub for catalyzing partnerships, collaboration and coordinated action grounded in evidence-based strategies. Our vision is a world in which young women and men everywhere have greater access to decent jobs.

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