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The Pool of Trainers & Experts (PoET) is a valuable human resource and a capacity-building tool for our Member Organisations and partners, providing a high level of tailor-made support in many different areas. Their skills and expertise range from advocacy and youth policy, to non formal education and the rights-based approach. They also have expertise in many topical areas relevant to work of the Youth Forum and its Members.

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Clara Drammeh

As a dedicated scout and youth advocate, Clara is experienced with facilitation in civil society contexts and non-formal education. For some time now, she has been working as a freelance trainer and facilitator. Being a young black woman, she advocates for more diversity on stages, a culturally sensitive approach and inclusive language, as well as interactive, participatory events and trainings both face-to-face and online. Through her international relations studies and her work as a youth policy officer, she strives to help build bridges between young people and political decision-makers. In addition, as a former project coordinator, she is experienced in supporting strategy and team processes and is skilled in project management methods.

Ines Passport Picture 1

Inês Moreira

Inês is an enthusiastic trainer with a 10-year history working and volunteering for international youth organisations and a passion for inclusive education. She is a versatile youth worker who believes in values-based leadership and using her knowledge in non-formal education and community building to develop and empower underrepresented individuals and communities.


Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham is a freelance trainer and activist with 10 years experience in campaigning, policy and engagement roles that work to empower young people and advocate for change. Formerly Global Youth Lead at The Food Foundation, working alongside premiership footballer Marcus Rashford for children’s free school meals in the UK, and Advocacy Manager at World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), and Policy & Youth Engagement Manager at UK Youth. Her passion is the design and facilitation of training regarding advocacy, youth participation, equality, diversity and inclusion. Hannah is also a committed green campaigner, young politician and climate activist.

Dragana Jovanovska

Dragana Jovanovska

Dragana is an experienced educator and facilitator working with non-formal education with young people and adults on a local, national and international level, with her focus being on human rights education, inclusion, youth participation, human rights education and prevention, but also different levels of organisational development. Besides being part of the Pool of trainers of the YFJ, she is working with multiple international organisations, the National Youth Council from North Macedonia and platforms (including the British Council and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe). By working as a facilitator and a resource person with the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) and CIVICUS networks, she is bringing the global perspective towards her work on all levels.

Matej Manevski

Matej Manevski

Matej worked as a youth since 2011, and within this period worked with various stakeholders in the youth field. He has extent experience in human rights education, advocacy, youth work and youth policy. He has studied organisational management and entrepreneurship, which also gives him a lot of knowledge on the topics of employment, entrepreneurship, organisational and project management.

Marija pantelic

Marija Pantelic

Marija has been active in the youth field as a trainer and facilitator since the year 2010. and she had opportunity to work with various stakeholders on local, national and international level. Main topics that she is working on are non-formal education, volunteering, communication, youth participation and advocacy. Since the year 2016. she is combining her work as trainer with the current job in digital marketing to help various NGOs to work on their better visibility.


Jorge Sánchez Hernández

Jorge's background is strong in project management, sustainable development and climate change. He has worked as SDGs Programme Manager at the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and started his non-formal education career in AEGEE back in 2014. He is passionate about educating about the climate crisis. He has lead European and global educational projects and has extensive (both hands-on and training) experience in training and volunteer management as well as moderation of panels with high profiles. He runs a remote team building startup from Kyrgyzstan, where he currently resides, so he is available for online projects only.

Marinela Sumanjski PHOTO BW

Marinela Sumanjski

Marinela has been a trainer, facilitator and author for a decade and is working mostly in the field of non-formal education and capacity building. She is daily working on digital transformation and online youth work/youth training, volunteering and solidarity, peacebuilding, project and organisational management, youth leadership and human rights for different networks, institutions and organisations. She strongly believes in the power of non-formal education, human rights and a good piece of cake.

Peter Huray

Peter Huray

Peter is a passionate trainer & facilitator, who is passionate about youth work and non-formal education. He believes in the uniqueness of each human and the potential of one's own learning. He is a trainer of Slovak National Agency, cooperates with SALTO resource centres on Quality projects and with various youth stakeholders in Slovakia. He is engaged in topics of communication and trust building and likes to use the outdoor environment for his trainings.


Martina Tiwald

Tini Tiwald is working as trainer, moderator and facilitator since 2015. From 2017 to 2019 she’s been president of the Austrian National Youth Council, speaking in behalf of the Austrian youth about non-formal education, citizenship education, digital affairs, participation, girls/women, youth dialogue and EU. She is studying Theology and Political Science in Vienna.


Joanna Stompel

Joanna is a trainer and a coach with a background in psychology. She has rich experience in non-formal education, youth work, volunteering, entrepreneurship and employability, soft and digital skills. She is a member of the Trainer’s Pool of Polish National Agency of European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ Programme. On a daily basis, she works at the Career Office at University of Lodz, Poland, supporting students and graduates on their professional path. She is a volunteer in The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association.


Sara Þöll Finnbogadóttir

Sara Þöll is a dedicated student activist and a student of political science. Sara has been delivering trainings and facilitating on a local, national and international level since 2015, mainly working on capacity building activities with local student unions, OBESSU and LUF (NYC of Iceland). Sara is passionate about organisational development, advocacy, human rights, democracy and inclusion. She also enjoys graphic facilitation and loves to incorporate it into her activities! Sara is a member of the PoT of both OBESSU and LUF. Since early 2020, Sara has been combining her education and passion for non-formal education by developing a toolkit for young people in Iceland to become active citizens and participants in democratic processes.


Cora Stalph

Cora has been working as an intercultural trainer since her volunteer year in India 2014. Her trainings focus on empowering (young) people and sensitizing them to current developments in society. In addition, Cora has hands-on work and training experience in advocacy, compaign management, and strategic planning with various stakeholders. As a founder and shareholder, Cora brings experience in organizational and project management. Special focus is placed on the topics of feminism, democratization, migration, inclusion and structural discrimination based on non-formal education. The quality of her training also benefits from her studies: a mix of administration, economics and social sciences.

Picture Alonso Escamilla

Alonso Escamilla

Alonso is Member of the Pool of Trainers of the Spanish Youth Council and the Extremadura Youth Council. At the same time, he has been a trainer, among others, for the Council of Europe, European Commission, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Population Fund and EU-LAC Foundation. Finally, he is Member of the Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR) of the EU-CoE Youth Partnership.

Tilen Lah slika

Tilen Lah

Tilen has been for the last ten years as a trainer and author most active in the fields of leadership/management, democracy, marketing and teamwork. He is passionate about motivation through gamification and optimisation of processes and communications. He was introduced to non-formal education and youth work some twenty years ago and helped many individuals and organisations one step further on their way to reach their potential since. He likes to pull like minded people together and organise events like TEDx talks, conferences or just group meetings with people who share similar interests. A pragmatic dreamer who wants to change the world one “impossible” step at the time.


Maryam Majidova

Maryam is a youth worker, trainer, mentor and facilitator with 10 years experience. She has been active in several youth organisations on local and international levels such as AIESEC, National Youth Council of Azerbaijan (NAYORA), ECYC since 2011. Currently, she is working on her own initiative - Gender HUB Azerbaijan which aims to support victims of domestic violence in Azerbaijan and prevent gender-based hate speech and crime. Moreover, she is involved as a consultant within #EU4GenderEquality and #EU4Youth projects withın EaP integration process. Maryam is a member of SALTO TOY, junior trainer of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe PoT, expert of United Nations Population Fund and member of NAYORA's PoT. Maryam is a gender equality activist who fights to be part of an equitable society which lives no one behind.