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Welcome to our members' space! Here you can find all of our useful resources for our member organisations, helpful information and links to our online members' forums.

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The Members' Portal

The Members’ Portal is where representatives of our member organisations can find documents, check their membership fees and manage their participation in events.

To access the Members’ Portal, click on the button below and login with your credentials!

Policy Corners

Policy corners are online discussion spaces, created for our Member Organisations. Find out more about how they work below!

Pool of Trainers

Meet our powerhouse: The Pool of Trainers. Who are they? It's a group of talented young people bringing diverse sets of skills to the table. Need help with training sessions, workshops, events facilitation & policy discussions? They've got you covered.

Statutory Documents

Explore this section to access all our Statutory Documents. They're the foundation of our work, ensuring that we stay true to our values and operate transparently.

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The Amazing Member Organisation Records

Youth organisations are important to our societies! We want to keep track of your achievements.Help us promote your work by sharing...

European Youth Forum Policy Library

The challenges young people and youth organisations face are always changing, but we are there every step of the way!

From when the Youth Forum was founded in 1996 until today, we have been constantly evolving to meet the needs of young people and to fight for their rights. Representing young people on different issues including:

  • Youth Rights
  • Education
  • Youth Participation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Strong Youth Organisations

Discover more about our Youth Forum policies past and present with our new Youth Forum Policy Library.

Financial Guidelines

Are you looking for the financial guidelines?
You can find them on the members' portal