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Our work is centred on what matters most to young people.

From leaving education and finding a quality job, to protecting the sustainability of our planet and making young people's voices heard in our democracies, we are making a difference.

Explore our topic areas below to find out more about our vision and goals!

Youth rights

From housing and work, to education and health; as human beings, we are all entitled to our rights and freedoms.
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Sustainable development

We're striving for a world that is fair, looks after people’s needs and rights, and protects our planet.
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Youth organisations

Youth organisations are spaces where young people’s opinions matter!
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From handbooks on how to kickstart and manage your own activism, to information for trainers; here you can find everything you might need.
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EU Elections 2024

Between the 6 and 9 June 2024, citizens across the 27 EU Member States will head to the polls to elect over 700 MEPs, shaping the next…
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European Youth Capital

The European Youth Capital is a title awarded by the European Youth Forum designed to empower young people, boost youth participation and…
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Youth Progress Index

The Youth Progress Index is one of the first instruments developed to give the full story of what life is like for a young person today,…
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