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Motion - The protection of youth rights and support of young political prisoners of Belarus

Policy document - 17/11/2023

The European Youth Forum recognises the urgent need to protect youth rights and support young political prisoners in Belarus, stands in solidarity with RADA and pledges to support their efforts.

Joint Declaration of the 22nd edition of the University on Youth and Development 23 September 2023, Mollina, Spain

Policy document - 17/11/2023

Following the 22nd edition of the University on Youth and Development (UYD), which focused on the theme “Young people, peace and climate change”, the Council of Members of the European Youth Forum adopted the recommendations that resulted from the 22nd edition of the UYD.


Quality Charter on Internships & Apprenticeships

Publication - 08/11/2023

Internships and apprenticeships facilitate the transition from education to employment. Read our new Charter on Internships and Apprenticeships to better know your rights in the labour market, and to provide a quality work placement.

Safeguarding civic space

Youth Progress Index: Youth Progress and Civic Space

Publication - 23/10/2023

Civil society organisations play a critical role in amplifying the voices of marginalised and vulnerable groups, highlighting the key challenges they face and ensuring that their concerns reach diverse audiences. However, recent years have been marked by a disturbing trend of shrinking civic spaces, including those of youth organisations.


The Activist Network: 20 hours training programme

Publication - 28/04/2023

This is a 20-hours training programme, organised in 10 sessions that can be delivered either online or offline. These guidelines are set up for trainers and facilitators who want to implement this training programme in their own organisation or within their own youth group.

Motion: Expressing solidarity with young refugees in the United Kingdom and across wider Europe

Policy document - 27/04/2023

The British Youth Council, together with over 100 youth organisations from all over Europe, is deeply concerned by the British Government's recent rhetoric on refugees and expresses alarm at the British Government’s so-called ‘Rwanda deportation policy’ and its efforts to undermine the right to asylum.