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Award Ceremony: European Youth Capital 2026

27/11/2023 | Lublin, Poland

The European Youth Capital 2023 activities are coming to an end and we'll be travelling to Poland to celebrate the closing of Lublin European Youth Capital 2023. Would you consider joining? Then you're in for double the experience as we'll also announce the winner of the European Youth Capital 2026 title.

🎉 Celebrating the past

It's been a crazy year in Lublin! Full of workshops, art, sports, music, carnival celebrations and all other kinds of events organised from and for the young people. The closing ceremony on 27 November might indicate the end of Lublin's European Youth Capital year, but it's by no means the end for Lublin's pledge to lead the way not just locally but also in a national context to create and implement youth policies that empower, protect and invest in all young people.

Embracing the future 🔮

Who's it going to be? Izmir (Türkiye), Málaga (Spain), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Tromsø (Norway) and Vila do Conde (Portugal) have already shown their commitment to engaging and mobilising their local communities during their finalists journey. Now it comes down to the jury to decide on the European Youth Capital 2026 winner and we'll announce who got the title during the award ceremony on 27 November in Lublin.

when and where?

Monday, 27 November 2023, 19:00-21:15 CET

Center of the Meeting of Cultures, Lublin, Poland

& Online live stream

🗝️ Handing over the keys

The European Youth Capital 2024 has already been awarded to Ghent (Belgium) and the mayor of the city is going to be in Lublin. We'll be handing over the European Youth Capital keys as Ghent is about to kickstart their year of dedication to young people.

Ghent has committed to put young people at the core of its democratic events and civic life, in line with Belgium’s decision to lower the voting age to 16 in the European elections. The winning proposal, ‘We Are The City’, emphasises the role of Ghent’s Youth Council as an official advisory body, alongside other regional and European youth partnerships and networks.