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Rising stars debate: young politicians in conversation

29/05/2024 | Online

This isn't your average debate. It's a platform for youth leaders to share their visions for Europe's future. They'll explore topics like climate change, education, and equality, and seek your input on the solutions.

Join us online to hear directly from tomorrow's decision-makers as they share their visionary perspectives on shaping our future. Don't miss out!

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Join us for a dynamic and engaging debate as we bring together the Presidents/Co-Spokespeople of the European Political Youth Wings, who are full members of the Youth Forum. This event will take place online, allowing for a wide audience to participate in the conversation. The debate will be moderated by Katy Lee and Katz Laszlo from The Europeans, an award-winning weekly podcast about Europe.

About the Debate
The Rising stars debate is an initiative by the European Youth Forum aimed at fostering dialogue and exchange among young politicians across Europe. Our panellists will have the opportunity to present the views of their organisations, based on their political manifestos, and discuss how these intersect with the views of their respective parties.

What to Expect? 😎

Expect a lively and confrontational discussion as our panellists delve into the differences and similarities in their Manifestos. They will engage in thoughtful debates, exploring key issues facing young people in Europe today and advocating for the interests of their organisations and mother parties.

Come prepared with your questions and arguments, as this debate promises to be highly interactive. Your active participation will enrich the discussion and make it a truly engaging experience for everyone involved.

Meet the rising stars: 🌟

Sean Currie - Young European Greens

Sean Currie is Co-spokesperson of the Young European Greens. 26 years-old, he has been active in grassroots activism and party politics for a decade, with roles ranging from being on the board the Scottish Green Party to illegally locking himself to fossil fuel infrastructure. He works part-time as a campaigner for Stay Grounded, the international movement against aviation.

Ines Holzegger - European Liberal Youth

Ines, President of the European Liberal Youth, has been active in politics for many years in national as well as international roles and campaigns. She firmly believes in the fight for freedom, prosperity and a European future. She has studied in Belgium, Germany, and Estonia, done a Bluebook Traineeship in Margethe Vestager's Cabinet and now works in Vienna in a leading position in the IT sector focussing on innovation, digital transformation and IT security.

Derek Groot - Youth of the European People's Party

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Derek Groot (30), Vice President of the Youth Wing of the EPP, displayed an early passion for entrepreneurship and became politically involved at the age of 20. He served as a local commissioner of his hometown Heiloo after which he joined the national board of the youth of the CDA as head of policy and international affairs at the age of 21. After his introduction into politics he joined the climate change department of Ernst & Young (EY) helping clients like Royal Philips or The Ocean Cleanup.

Currently Derek is operating as the Director of Dutch Carbon Consultants, he is committed to driving impactful change in carbon emissions and sustainability practices. Derek, is a forward-thinking conservative in the fields of sustainability and political youth engagement. Prior to this role as Vice-President of the Youth of the European People Party, Derek was the Vice-President of the Christian Democratic Youth Appeal (CDJA), where he championed youth involvement in politics and policy-making with a focus on environment.

Enric López Jurado - Young European Socialists

Enric López Jurado, President of the Young European Socialists, is a Political Scientist from the Pompeu Fabra University and holds a Master Degree in International Security from the King's College in London. He has worked for seven years for Javier López, S&D Member of the European Parliament, holding different responsibilities. During the last five years, he's been an advisor in the field of external affairs, security and defense. He has been President of the Young European Socialists since October 2023.

The Rising stars debate will be moderated by:

The Europeans
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