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European Youth Forum Elections 2024

Discover the candidates for the Board, the Financial Control Commission and the Consultative Body on Membership Applications. Mandate 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2026.

The Board defines the overall strategy of the European Youth Forum. Board Members are democratically elected every 2 years during our General Assembly.

The Financial Control Commission is responsible for the internal audit of the finances of the Youth Forum. Mandate 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2026.

The Consultative Body on Membership Applications reviews the applications of potential members. The CBMA applicant group is appointed based on the proposal submitted by the current Board. Mandate 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2026.


International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Rareș Voicu


My journey in youth organisations started more than 7 years ago, at the local level. Now, I am running to become the next president of the European Youth Forum, aiming to develop the platform in three key ways.

1) Establishing a visible and politically relevant YFJ, which supports its Member Organisations across Europe.

2) Nurturing transparency and inclusivity in the YFJ, as well as valuing every voice, regardless of background.

3) Fostering a strong, membership-led, board-managed European Youth Forum.

I envision a European Youth Forum where all young people and youth organisations alike can be seen, heard and listened to.


International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Giorgos Aggelos Papaioannou


Civil society has been my home for 17 years, from school students’ councils to youth movements and organisations. This is where I belong, between the poets and the dreamers. The young people who desire change, and the European Youth Forum is our platform for change. Over 100 youth organisations advocating together for youth rights all over Europe.

Nicholas Kujala


I am running for Vice President because I want to keep empowering the young people of Europe and give back to the YFJ community that has given me so much. I bring more than a decade of experience from both pillars of the YFJ: e.g. Allianssi and multiple INGYOs. The MOs deserve more transparency measures, as well as someone with a passion for expanding the civic space together with the membership. As a leader I have been described as humble: I want to act as a role model for the next generation of young activists in Europe.

National Youth Council (NYC)

Andreea-Alexandra Scrioșteanu


As a passionate youth activist from Romania, I am standing up for election to be the next Vice-President of the European Youth Forum. I am honoured to accept the nomination of the Romanian Youth Council (CTR) and continue fighting #ForYouthRights in the next 2 years!

Driven by a passion for European unity and peace, my motivation to run is to amplify the transformative impact we have together with member organisations when closely cooperating and strengthen our support for youth organisations.

Youth of Europe. It's time to claim our SPACE and shape the future together!

Board Members

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Anna Holtkamp


I’m running for Board Member because I believe deeply in the power of our platform to advocate and empower. By serving on the Board, I want to give back and advocate for our values. My focus lies on ecological sustainability, stronger global cooperation, and nurturing sustainability of youth organisations. I aim to enhance inclusivity, transparency, meaningful participation, and strengthen ties between Board and member organisations, among the members and with alumni.

Equipped with 14 years of volunteering and two mandates as JECI-MIEC’s President, I am very excited for this new mission.

Your support would mean a lot, let’s connect!

Ariela Di Gioacchino


Growing up as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I feel the precious privilege of living in a democratic society. This understanding has fueled my commitment to fighting discrimination and ensuring a Europe where everyone can feel home. It’s the duty of our generation to strive for a just society where every individual can fulfill their potential without discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, social status, or financial means. As an activist, I do not pursue the luxury of remaining silent, I vow to tirelessly work to destroy barriers and ensure a better future for all.

Caillum Hedderman


Hey there, mo chara!

My name is Caillum (pronounced 'K-lum'). I am 21-years old from Limerick, Ireland. I am a lifelong scout and spend most of my time between the policy and advocacy sphere or in the outdoors.

I am running for the Board to bring an energised, experienced and member-centric passion to the governance structures of the Youth Forum, nominated by the movement that has taken me on a journey around communities and across the world.

Reach out to me to kick-start what I am sure will be a great conversation!

Ivana Barac


I grew up in a small seaside town with few opportunities for young people. After I moved to the capital to study, I realized the amount of information about youth policies not reaching our generation, so I began taking part in initiatives to disseminate it as much as possible. I advocate youth rights on local, national and international level for ten years, last as member of the Youth Advisory Board of Croatia's Government. I am part of the team working on the largest school reform in Croatia's history. I am Political Secretary of the MHDZ, the largest youth political organization in Croatia, member of YEPP, VP of the Croatian UN Association and project manager of the UN Academy.

Natalia Kallio


I am running for second mandate as I am still full of motivation to work on:

1. Social & Economic inclusion: Young people are in the forefront of the precarious working & living conditions which is leading youths to poverty and social exclusion. We need an economic & welfare system that fits for young people.

2. European Youth Forum as a path to systemic change: I believe that this platform is able to find answers to all the challenges that the youths in Europe and beyond are facing.

3. United, inclusive & diverse European Youth Forum: Building a platform that is based on meaningful participation of MOs and platform that presents & supports all, not only few.

Contact me to know more!

Pao Adrian


I'm passionate about amplifying the voices of young immigrants in the EU, driven by my journey from arriving in Europe with few connections to becoming an active member of the youth community. My leadership roles, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, taught me the importance of resilience, innovation, and solidarity. My focus on climate justice and financial stability for youth organizations comes from firsthand experience with the challenges they face as well as my Phd journey under the NextGenEU funding on socio-ecological transition and circular economy.

Sina Riz à Porta


I have devoted my time and energy to youth interests for over a decade. In my journey with EEE-YFU, as well as in human rights advocacy and climate activism, youth work is my home and I am passionate about maintaining this vibrant community for those who are around me and those who will come after me. With my extensive experience in mobility, volunteerism, non-formal education, leadership, activism, human rights and intercultural learning, I believe that I can make a difference as a board member of the European Youth Forum.

National Youth Council (NYC)

Chloë Cauchi


Having faced various challenges in my life, the idea to serve and better the human family has been instilled in me from people that have devoted their livelihood for me to thrive. As a 21 year old law student with a passion for human rights and the environment, I found a home within the European Youth Forum as I advocate for young people from my islands. This is why I am excited to answer this call to action and looking forward to embark on this journey with YOU!

Emmanouela Tzani


Driven by a profound interest in societal issues, I'm committed to actively engaging as a citizen and championing meaningful causes. Pursuing a Master's Degree in "Migration and Ethnic Studies" reflects my dedication to understanding and addressing pressing social challenges. My involvement in youth organizations like the Belgian Youth Council, Greek Youth Council, Amnesty International, and the European Youth Forum through the FCC role has enriched my understanding. I aim to lead by example, leveraging collective action and empowering young people as agents of positive change. Let's work together to ensure that our efforts are sustainable and impactful.

Laure Verstraete


Representing the voices of young people is a burning passion. I have first-handedly seen the impact we can make when we come together, and I am eager to bring this experience and my relentless energy to the board. With a genuine desire to drive positive change and a track record of getting things done, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and work tirelessly to get the best out of our platform for the youth we represent. Let’s build on a future we can all be proud of!

Sara Þöll Finnbogadóttir


I am running for the board as I want to continue to invest my passion and motivation in advocating and protecting youth rights and use my experience to deliver a good and strong mandate. I have extensive experience in both pillars of the membership of the YFJ as a former board member of LUF and OBESSU, as well as a former member of the AC. I want to continue the good work that is being carried out in YFJ, support the voice of the membership, encourage challenging but crucial discussions within the organisation and reach our goals as a platform. I carry out the work I take on and I put a special emphasis on professionalism, cooperation and safe space.

As a passionate advocate for youth rights, I'm dedicated to shaping a Europe and a world where every young person is valued and has access to equal opportunities. The challenges facing our democracies, the shrinking of our spaces, and the precarious state of peace and security demand urgent attention. I will do everything in my power to advance the voice of youth, ensure democratic values thrive, and advocate for environments where YOUth can thrive.

Tom Matthew


Tom has volunteered in youth organisations from the Scouts to the British Youth Council since he was 13. He was on the Board of the European Youth Forum in the 2021/22 mandate. In his day job he advises the largest and most influential organisations and NGOs in the world on increasing social and environmental impact. In his spare time he loves doing sport, playing the piano and reading.

Financial Control Commission

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Siobhán Gallagher


I am delighted to be re-running for the Financial Control Commission. I bring a proven blend of experience and skills to the table & with a track record of overseeing financial management. I'm committed to upholding transparency & accountability within the YFJ, ensuring funding is used efficiently to empower the voices of youth across Europe. I am both qualified & passionate about financial responsibility, & have almost 17 years experience working in Financial Services. By re-electing me, you're choosing someone who will continue to prioritise integrity and transparency in financial governance. Let's continue to work together to build a stronger, more financially secure future for the YFJ.

Yannis Tsilsou

YEU International

My name is Yannis and I have studied European and International Studies with a master on European Youth Policies. Since 2012, I have been involved both in civil society and activism. I have been working the last 9 years in an local youth NGO in Thessaloniki and I the last 3,5 years, I have been part of the Governing Board of YEU International.

I'm excited to join the European YFJ’s Financial Control Committee, aiming to make the financial processes clear and trustworthy. I believe in empowering youth to create a united and lively Europe and want to use my experience to ensure the finances are run effectively.

National Youth Council (NYC)

Martina Tóthová


As a business academy graduate, I've honed my skills in financial management and accounting. My internship in a company with a turnover of nearly 15 million euros provided me with invaluable insights into diverse financial landscapes. My desire to simplify financial comprehension for member organizations is what draws me to this position.

I bring practical knowledge, common sense, and a proactive approach to ensure spending control and prevent conflicts of interest. With a passion for clear communication, I aim to foster an open dialogue and deliver transparent financial updates, aligning with the organisation's goals of promoting financial literacy and transparency.

Consultative Body on Membership Application

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Liv Arleth


The membership is what makes the YFJ so great. To be a part of the process of expanding it can only be described as great. Scouting has shaped my entire life especially the way I approach solving tasks or projects, supporting people's skills so everyone are able to participate on their terms. You could say my primary working idealogy is collaboration, cooperation and crochet. I look forward to being able to continue existing collaborations with members and maybe start a few new ones in the process. And maybe a trend for crochet at statutory meetings.

Selin Gürlemez

YEU International

As Secretary General of YEU International, I've dedicated myself to empowering young people and fostering collaboration across borders. My candidacy for the Consultative Body on Membership Applications stems from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of youth involvement in decision-making processes. With a proven track record in network management, advocacy, and youth leadership, I am committed to ensuring that the European Youth Forum remains a vibrant and inclusive platform for all youth organizations/councils. I am driven by a passion for amplifying youth voices and advocating for meaningful change on a global scale.

National Youth Council (NYC)

Kristýna Jelínková


Driven by a deep commitment to democratic values and human rights, I am running to bring my analytical and people skills coupled with policy-driven expertise to the Consultative Body on Membership Applications. My background is rooted in non-formal education, facilitation and assessing complex situations with clarity and fairness. As a people-oriented individual, I aim to ensure inclusive processes that respect diverse voices and promotes equal dialogue. With a robust understanding of democracy tools and a history of navigating through various policy landscapes, from security to social rights, I would like to enhance the integrity and transparency of our membership assessments.

Žiga Ciglarič


My main motivation for applying is to improve the transparency of CBMA while ensuring it not only assesses but actively assists candidate and member organizations. I would advocate for increased engagement at all levels while striving for better and more timely communication with other bodies. There's much needed in this area, particularly in expanding YFJ into the Western Balkans. As a graduate in law and former youth delegate to the UN, I'm organized, detail-oriented, and eager to provide necessary assistance when needed.