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Pool of Trainers

Meet our powerhouse: The Pool of Trainers

Who are they? It's a group of talented young people bringing diverse sets of skills to the table. Need help with training sessions, workshops, events facilitation & policy discussions? They've got you covered.

Boost your organisation’s capacity and knowledge!

The Pool of Trainers (PoT) is a valuable human resource and a capacity-building tool for our member organisations and partners, providing a high level of tailor-made support in many different areas. Their skills and expertise range from advocacy and youth policy, to non-formal education and the rights-based approach. They also have expertise in many topical areas relevant to the work of the Youth Forum and its members.

Young trainers, coming mainly from our member organisations, can provide you with educational, pedagogical and facilitation support (running training, moderating workshops and policy dialogue sessions).

Who are the trainers?



Stay tuned to check out our new 2023 PoT soon!

What can they do for your organisation?

Our trainers are available to help you and your organisation, to support your work, and cater for your capacity building needs!

  • Run skill-based and thematic training courses and workshops.

  • Provide pedagogical support in developing, implementing and evaluating an activity programme.

  • Facilitate your seminars, conferences, training, meetings or evaluations.

  • Provide input on training related issues, non-formal education and expertise on building up your Pool of Trainers.

  • Develop training tools and materials.

  • Support you with digital facilitation and production.

How can you engage with PoT?

If you need a trainer send us an outline of the task, expected outcomes/deliverables, conditions, and a profile of the expertise you need.

For more on the profiles of our PoT and the conditions please contact the Membership and Capacity Building Officer:

Support tool for using the Pool of Trainers

The capacity building of our member organisations is of vital importance to the European Youth Forum and hence we want to continue offering a support tool for our member organisations to use the services of the Pool of Trainers. The support tool provides full or partial remuneration of the per diem costs for selected trainers, for organisations interested to use the services of the Pool of Trainers (PoT).

It is offered to member organisations, who wish to use the expertise and services of the PoT, and are facing particular financial and budgetary challenges with the goal to strengthen their capacities and support organisational development.

Interested member organisations are invited to apply, and more information is available on the following link. For more information, please contact