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Statutory Documents

Welcome to the backbone of the Youth Forum – the Statutory Documents. Here, you'll find the guiding principles, regulations, and policies that shape our mission and drive our actions towards empowering and representing young people across Europe.

Explore this section to access all the essential information and links to our Statutory Documents. They're the foundation of our work, ensuring that we stay true to our values and operate transparently.

European Youth Forum Statutes (adopted 2023)

Internal rules

This document outlines the procedures and guidelines for the operation and governance of the Youth Forum. The Internal rules complement, and must be read together with the Statutes.

Our Strategic Plan 2024-2028

Curious about our focus areas for the next five years? Dive into our 5-year plan by clicking the button below👇

Our Policy Programme

Our policy programme sets the foundation for the Youth Forum's positions, driving collaborative policy creation. It's a democratic tool for members to define our key views on what the world should look like. This concise document helps everyone understand what we stand for, guiding our advocacy efforts!

Safeguarding Policy

We promote a culture based on respect, dignity and equality to ensure full access and participation, reflecting the basic right of everyone to be heard. Check out our full Safeguarding Policy and access the Incident Reporting form via the link below 👇

Child Protection Policy

Creating safe spaces is fundamental to our mission. We recognise that children and young adults, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, may not always feel safe where they should. That's why we are dedicated to providing a secure environment for all participants, ensuring meaningful engagement while prioritising the safety of girls, young women, non-binary individuals, LGBTQIA+ youth, persons with disabilities, and those from minority or marginalised backgrounds. Check out our policy to find out the steps we take to minimise risks and ensure their safety in our activities.