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The Board defines the overall strategy of the European Youth Forum. Board Members are democratically elected every 2 years at our General Assembly.

The Secretariat is the permanent structure of the Youth Forum. It is made up of employees under the supervision of the Secretary-General.

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María Rodríguez Alcázar


María (she/her) became an activist and advocate for human rights at 14, when she joined the secondary school union in her village in Spain. Since then, she has been representing young people in various capacities, including the Vice President of the Spanish Youth Council (CJE). She is now a PhD student at Ghent University and the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies, and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and a Masters in African Studies.

Christiana Xenofontos

Vice President

Christiana holds a BA in Political Sciences from the University of Cyprus, with expertise in International Relations and, since 2020, she has been working as a Parliamentary Associate at the House of the Representatives in Cyprus. Christiana has filled several roles in the Cyprus Youth Council. Christiana has previously been elected to roles in the European Youth Forum’s CBMA (2018) and BOARD (2020).

Elias Dray

Vice President

Elias is a European and Human Rights activist from France. He is the former President of the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) and has represented young people in several capacities, including within the French Union of Jewish Students and the French Scouting Federation at a global level. He is well versed in advocacy strategy, research, and policy analysis and has experience in combating racism and online hate speech. Elias holds an M.A. in International Relations, Conflict & Security from the University of Kent.

Andreea-Alexandra Scrioșteanu

Board Member

Andreea (she/her) is an enthusiastic youth advocate from Romania, fighting for youth rights ever since high-school. She first got involved in the Youth Forum as the Vice-President of the Romanian Youth Council (CTR), and has been particularly active in advocacy for youth rights, non-discrimination and sustainability. Andreea is a student at the University of Bucharest majoring in International Relations and European Studies, and an active member of community volunteer projects.

Daniele Taurino

Board Member
Daniele (he/him) is an Italian philosopher, poet, journalist and activist for nonviolence. He is also the co-founder of the Italian Network on Youth, Peace and Security and the editorial manager of the magazine Azione nonviolenta. He has spent the past five years representing the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO-BEOC) within the Youth Forum family. Daniele is also a trainer and project manager, supporting many youth-led initiatives and projects in Italy, the EU and beyond.

Ismael Paez Civico

Board Member

Ismael grew up in Spain and Portugal, and he settled down in Brussels in 2010. He is currently serving as Executive Coordinator in CESES (Confederation of European Senior Expert Services), after working and volunteering for seven years in civil society organisations. Before becoming a Board Member, he has also worked with European bodies, such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission’s Youth Partnership, where he was the host of the Under 30 Podcast, and the expert groups in communications within the Commission for the EU’s Youth Dialogue.

Natalia Kallio

Board Member

Natalia (she/they) is a human rights activist, trainer and author. She has been participating in youth spaces since she was 6 years old, and she had joined the City Youth Council of her home town in Finland when she was 14. Natalia is a youth coordinator in the Falcon movement and she served as a board member of IGLYO - the world’s largest LGBTQI+ student and youth organisation. She has delivered a range of global long-term projects and educational and campaigning activities about social and economic inclusion, LGBTQI+ rights, populism, sexual violence, peace and more.

Nicholas Kujala

Board Member

Nicholas started volunteering at a local youth council at the age of 13, followed by several roles in the Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi. Through volunteering, he developed his passion for advocacy and policy work as well as his expertise in youth rights equality and security topics. Nicholas currently works on aviation weather prediction for the Finnish Meteorological Institute and studies natural sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Rareș Voicu

Board Member

For the past 6 years, Rareș has been an active advocate for school students' and children’s rights, promoting unconditional access to quality education, students participation in decision-making, and student-teacher co-creation in classrooms. Before becoming a Board Member, Rareș served as the President of the Romanian National School Students' Council and as a Board Member of the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions. Rareș is studying Global Law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Strategy & Governance

Milosh Ristovski

Secretary General

Estefania Asorey Souto

Events Manager

Magali Hübers

Governance Officer

Marina Jarčević

Grants Officer

Policy and Advocacy

Özgecan Kara

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Anna Blackwell

EU Manager

Jan Mayrhofer

Policy and Advocacy Manager | Sustainability

Assia Oulkadi

Senior Policy Officer | Sustainability & Global Cooperation

Kristóf Papp

Senior Policy Officer | Youth Participation

Thomas Desdouits

Senior Policy Officer | Fiscal Policy

Jessica Nguyen

Policy and Advocacy Manager | Youth Rights

Fabiana Maraffa

Policy Officer | EU

Lauren Mason

Policy and Advocacy Manager | Youth participation & digitalisation

Álvaro González Pérez

Policy Officer | Funding & Civic Space

Cláudia Pinto

Policy Officer | Social and Economic Inclusion

Alex Quinn

Policy Officer | Social and Economic Inclusion

Larissa Ahanhanzo

Advocacy Assistant

Membership, Communications and Outreach

Rafael Shilhav

Director of Communications, Membership and Outreach

Daša Koribaničová

Senior Membership and Capacity Building Officer

Martina Rota

Membership Officer

Benjamin De Moor

Communications and Creative Manager

Francesco Zollo

Communications Officer

Marialena Yannoulatou

Communications Officer

Olivia Lori Iglesias

Communications Officer

Verena Mitschke

Outreach Manager

Ivan Neirotti

Senior Project Officer | European Youth Capital

Théo Lecarpentier

Senior Project Officer

Juan Manuel Baez Ramirez

Project Officer

Pauline Lebutte

Project Officer

Vittoria Torrisi

Project Officer

Operations and Finance

Joan Conca Domènech

Finances and Administration Manager

Sarah Jane Schlögel

Finance Officer

Afroditi Deilogkou

Human Resources Officer

Sandrine Sidze

Accounting Assistant