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CJE - Spanish Youth Council

National Youth Council - Full members
Sustainable development
Youth rights
The Spanish Youth Council (CJE) is a platform of youth organisations, created by law in 1983 and formed by the Youth Councils of the Autonomous Communities and youth organizations at the state level. Encouraging the participation of youth in the political, social, economic and cultural development of our State in a global environment is our essential goal, as reflected in article 48 of the Spanish Constitution. At present 60 youth entities are part of this common project. We work to achieve a plural platform that encourages reflection and exchange of ideas and experiences among the different sensibilities and ideologies that shape the reality of youth associations in our state, as well as to transfer proposals, claims and complaints that arise in the bosom of the CJE to the Administration, social agents and the media. All aimed at responding to the problems, concerns and aspirations of youth and improving their quality of life.