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CNTM - National Youth Council of Moldova

National Youth Council - Full members
Sustainable development
Youth rights
The National Youth Council in Moldova (CNTM), registered on 18th of February 1999, is the representation forum of the youth associative structures from the Republic of Moldova, in its relations with government structures, national and international institutions dealing with youth issues. CNTM promotes the interests of associated and non-associated young people from the Republic of Moldova, develops youth associative structures through the implementation of program activities, training, information, lobby and consulting services. The member organizations of CNTM are 38 national and regional youth organizations. Our members work in the following areas: human rights, youth participation in the decision-making process, community development, non-formal education, voluntary work, social, education, health and prevention education against social exclusion, entrepreneurship, juridical training, civic education, information, mass-media, sports, culture, integration of minorities, etc. During its 22 years activity, CNTM has implemented actions and activities, oriented to promote the interests of young people, by involving them in the decisions making processes, training courses, informational campaigns, seminars, needs assessments. On the other hand, CNTM supports the youth NGOs by offering them technical, logistic and informational support. The National Youth Council of Moldova has a team of 7 staff members, all professionals in their area of expertise, and has extensive experience with different categories of young people, youth NGO’s and youth structures.