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FYEG - Young European Greens

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation - Full members
Democracy and young people
FYEG is the European umbrella organisation for Young Green organisations from all over the continent, from Georgia to Ireland and from Cyprus to Norway. Our 38 member organisations comprise various backgrounds: local ecological groups, student unions, youth wings of Green parties and Green Youth NGOs. In addition, we are also the independent, official youth wing of the European Green Party (EGP). Our organisation is run by a voluntary Executive Committee, the Editorial Board of Ecosprinter (the FYEG online magazine), and the members of our working groups. The Committee and the Editorial Board are elected by our Member Organisations once every year. Anyone can join our working groups without having to be elected.

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Joint Statement: Let’s get more young people into the next European Parliament

Statement - 10/01/2024

50% of the world's population is under 30 years old. But globally only 2.91% of the world’s parliamentarians are under 30. Mapped onto 365 days, 10 January is the last day young voices are represented in parliaments around the world. That is why the United Nations have dubbed this day the #NoSayDay.