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MMH - Croatian Youth Network

National Youth Council - Full members
Youth rights
MMH is democratic, representative and inclusive, and has national and international recognition as such. It gathers national and local non-governmental youth organizations in the Republic of Croatia which have voluntarily joined the Network. MMH was established out of the need for cooperation and improved communication among youth organizations, regardless of their programme identifications, organizational structure, and in full respect of their political, world-view, racial, national, sexual, religious and cultural identifications and identifications of young people which they represent or advocate, for the purpose of effective and efficient advocating of interests and needs of young people in Croatia and building partnerships with governmental institutions in creating and implementing youth policy. MMH is based on democratic decision-making and public work, openness to all interested youth organizations and initiatives, respect for integrity and independence of its members, support to local youth organizations and initiatives, building responsible partnerships with other interested organizations, institutions and bodies of national and local governments, affirmation of youth and their interests and needs, promotion of tolerance and mutual respect, protection of human and minority rights, promotion of healthy life styles, affirmation of self-awareness and interest of young people for active and responsible participation in society and public decision-making.