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TEJO - World Esperanto Youth Organisation

National Youth Council - Full members
Democracy and young people
TEJO was founded in 1938 and is an umbrella structure of 43 youth organisations with members in more than 102 countries. In 2016, it was registered as an autonomous NGO in the Netherlands. Its mission is to promote Esperanto as a solution to the global communication problem. It defends cultural richness of language diversity, human rights of language minorities and global understanding, advocating for intercultural communication and dialogue, with a special focus on empowering young people. TEJO is a global youth organisation, which provides a platform for coordination and cooperation and promotes active participation of youth in the society by strengthening youth associative structures, implementing educational and advocacy programs, as well as representing youth associative structures in their relations with policy makers and international structures. Within the Esperanto Movement, TEJO works closely with the Universal Esperanto Association and is an observer of International League of Esperanto Teachers. Additionally, TEJO is an active member of the European Youth Forum, UNITED for Intercultural Action and the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations.