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YEE - Youth and Environment Europe

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation - Full members
Democracy and young people
Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is a platform of many European youth organisations that study nature or are active in environmental protection. These member organisations come together from 25 countries. The aim of YEE is to encourage youth to be involved in environmental protection and to provide a platform where these organisations can work together. YEE gives an opportunity to contact other European organisations, to exchange experiences and ideas and to work together. All our activities are organised and carried out by young people under 30. YEE organises and encourages all activities that can increase the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature and the awareness of environmental problems among young people in Europe. Our aim is to promote the commitment of youth to the principles of environmental conservation. Therefore, young people’s voluntary actions have to be stimulated for the protection and the rational use of the Earth’s resources. Since environmental problems have no borders, we act together within YEE in order to address these problems in local communities and joint activities. Within international actions, we intend to raise public awareness about environmental problems.

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Reaction to the EU 2040 climate target from European youth networks

News - 07/02/2024

Youth organisations welcome the commitment of the European Commission to an increased ambition in putting forward the reduction target of 90% by 2040. However, concerns arise regarding the level of target’s ambition, heavy reliance on technology to achieve this target and ignoring the importance of addressing resource overconsumption.