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YEU - Youth for Exchange and Understanding

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation - Full members
Youth rights
YEU is currently present in 27 countries led by and for young people, promoting importance of active participation by using non-formal education (NFE) as a tool in order to provide knowledge, skills and intercultural experience for personal and social development through promotion of peace, solidarity, understanding and cooperation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights. Our vision is world united by shared values of peace, understanding and respecting the differences and human rights of each living being. All YEU activities happen in accordance with the values of non-discrimination, (regardless of age, gender and sexual orientation, social and cultural background, political or religious belief), volunteering, respect for human rights and environmental awareness and care. YEU is full member of European Youth Forum and Lifelong Learning Platform. We base our work on NFE methodology, intercultural learning.