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all we need is less | COP28


Endless consumption 🤤 Sounds good? not really ❌ Our planet has limits and we are well beyond them.

Many important politicians are meeting in Dubai to discuss what their countries are doing to fight against climate change 👊 This meeting is COP28 but how effective is it really?

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Assia Oulkadi

Let's start with the basics 😇

The way we get materials, fuels, and food creates about half of all climate pollution. It also causes over 90% of biodiversity loss and water problems. 🌍 Our global consumption habits worry experts. In Europe, we use way more than what's okay for the planet - it's more than double the sustainable level! 📈💧🌿

And here's the tricky part: not everyone uses things the same way. The richest ones use A LOT - 72% of everything! How about the poorest 1.2 billion people? They only use about 1%. 🤯

It's a big problem we need to fix. ♻️💡

Our planet's resources are limited 🌍 😞 and we are already over that limit!

Then, what should we do?

Governments meeting at COP28 do not focus on the necessary solutions to tackle the climate crisis but rather on the symptoms.

Here is the simple truth: It is highly unlikely - if not impossible - to tackle the climate crisis and reduce our emissions while the economy continues growing.

The emissions we cause in the process of producing and consuming goods are too great to offset, and there is currently no technology that allows us to keep producing at these levels without overheating our planet.

We need to:

  • Go beyond growth: we need to investigate how we can grow without hurting the plant. Up to now, there’s a strong connection between how much our environment is affected and how much money a country produces (GDP). It’s hard to separate worldwide greenhouse gas emissions from the need for more money and growth.

  • Set clear goals to cut down what we use: to lower how much we consume in wealthier countries, we first have to understand and admit the limits of our planet. We should measure how our way of life affects the Earth and create rules to control this impact.

What is COP?

COP stands for Conference of the Parties and it is the annual meeting of all the countries which signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - a treaty from 1994.

The 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) will bring together member states representatives to Dubai to accelerate action towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the UNFCCC. COP meets every year to review and measure progress made towards the achievement of the objectives to limit climate change.

what can you do then? ➡️

Follow our COP28 delegates 🤩 we are bringing young people to Dubai. Who are they? What will they do at COP28? Follow their social media to get the latest updates:

  • Daniele Taurino, Board Member of the European Youth Forum 👉 @danieletaurino
  • Lara Schade from Generation Climate Europe 👉 @lara.bnna
  • Isabel Rutkowski from MJARC Europe 👉 @bellachen_3
  • Elena Alexandra Miron from the Youth Council of Romania 👉 @ellenasparadise
  • Julia Fedlmeier from the European Youth Press 👉 @juliatheresaf
  • Rota Lāce from the National Youth Council of Latvia 👉 @ljp_lv

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