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Macedonian Youth Council works towards a united voice


What are the issues facing youth in Macedonia? How is the political climate? What are the strengths and weaknesses of youth organisations in the country? What strategy should the NYC use in order to positively affect the society?

A thorough understanding of your organisation and your society are the basis to evaluate what a national youth council can achieve. The Youth Forum did this assessment over the course of the last three days training. The training helped participants to identify the following three main strategic priorities: strengthening the organisational development and sustainability of the platform; working towards increased recognition of Non-Formal Education and youth work; and informing Macedonian youth about their rights and opportunities and establish mechanisms for access to information.

Following the identification of the priorities, the NMS is currently developing action plans, which will be based on a needs assessment combined with a review of actual available resources. The training was also an opportunity for the Croatian Youth Council (MMH) to give an overview of their organisation and how to use strategic planning when a NYC is developing youth policy.

The Youth Forum works on creating strong youth organisations that can become the voice for youth and advocate for their rights. The Macedonian Youth Council is in a very good position to become such a voice in their country.

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