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Open letter to MEPs: Don't give a hand to EU greenwashing


The European Youth Forum is calling on Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to stand for our future and vote against the EU Taxonomy Complementary Climate Delegated Act, which entrenches reliance on fossil gas and nuclear power.

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Assia Oulkadi

Dear Members of the European Parliament

The European Youth Forum is calling on you to send a strong signal against greenwashing and for a sustainable future for young people in Europe by rejecting the EU Taxonomy Complementary Climate Delegated Act in the upcoming vote at the European Parliament.

We are the umbrella organisation of youth organisations, representing millions of young people across Europe.

The Eurobarometer 2022 highlighted the issues young people care about most: tackling the climate crisis, a peaceful and secure future, and having a voice in political decision-making.

The European Commission’s Taxonomy proposal does none of these justice.

Fossil gas generates huge emissions. Nuclear power creates radioactive waste. Neither could be regarded as ‘green.’ Such a label would divert millions away from truly renewable energy projects. Young people are leading the fight against our climate crisis and the latest IPCC report confirms the urgency. Gas and nuclear cannot be labelled as sustainable options.

The attacks on Ukraine and the energy price crisis put the EU Taxonomy in a new context. Gas is a major source of energy insecurity and inflation. While the EU is working towards cutting its Russian energy dependency, the current proposal might increase demands for Russian supplies of uranium. Trading one dependency for another. Europe’s transition to affordable and local renewables is urgent, but the taxonomy would be an obstacle to achieve it.

We hope that you will stand up for our future and vote “no”. You can stop this before it’s too late - for our climate, our future and our security.

Thank you for your consideration.

– Europe’s youth

Updated 4 July 2022

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