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Lublin in July: Things to do this summer in the European Youth Capital 2023


The temperatures are getting higher in Lublin 🌴 Travel with us to the European Youth Capital for a chill summer full of unforgettable experiences, concerts, festivals, sports, and lots of fun. We will be there too!

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Ivan Neirotti

the European Youth Forum is travelling to the European Youth Capital

We are on our way to Lublin for an Event Management Training that will empower young people with new skills to organise meaningful events in their communities. This capacity building training, organised by the European Youth Forum with the support of the Polish Council of Youth Organisations, covers all aspects of event management and is part of the MEET project (Mobilise Europe, Engaging together). The MEET project is full of training sessions, debates and events for young people across the EU to engage in political discussions prior to the European elections 2024.

sounds festival & making music for all

On July 6-9, everyone is invited to the Different Sounds Festival to enjoy film screenings, photo and graphic art exhibitions, workshops and unforgettable concerts.

Music fans are welcome to join the LOOP Lublin workshop where they will create an original piece of music from scratch. During the four sessions, singer Magda Dubrowska, will guide participants on how to create an original piece of music using low-cost instruments or by simply creating sounds using music programmes and apps.

street art in the youth capital

Want to explore other forms of art too? Meeting of Styles should be your go to event. Artists from all over the world will meet in Lublin to decorate the walls and the facades of buildings with street art and graffiti. The plan is to decorate the city with large-scale works of art and transform Lublin into an open-air art gallery. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see it for yourself.

carefree outdoors

What about outdoor activities? This year’s Central Playground opened its doors on the 1st of July and will remain open until the 27th of August at the Centre for Culture. Young Lublin residents and visitors are invited to the Central Playground and Wild Children Reserve to experience the world independently and use all of their senses. There’s only one rule when at the playground, be carefree!

Lublin turns into a huge circus stage

On July 27-30, don’t miss out on the Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and Urban Highline Festival. Lublin is well-known for its carnival, not only throughout Poland, but in other parts of Europe too. After all, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is the performance of world-famous contemporary circus artists. During these days, the audience - together with the artists, will embark on a unique journey through the world of unusual wonders. The streets of Lublin will be converted into the stage, and the performing actors will not just be the artists, but the spectators as well.

Shortly after the Carnival, the 45th edition of European Juggling Convention organised by Sztukmistrze Foundation will take place on July 29 - August 6.

immerse yourself into theatre

If you prefer a theatrical stage, Hans Christian Andersen Theatre invites you to the Andersen Youth Stage theatre summer camps. And last but not least - International Folklore Meetings will take place from July 8 to 13.

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