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What does being young mean to you?


It’s our birthday! 25 years ago, ambitious and passionate young Europeans came together to kick start the European Youth Forum as we know it today. Since then, we have been working hard to empower young people across Europe and we are happy that more than 100 organisations have joined this journey.

On our 25th anniversary there’s no better way to celebrate than together with you! That's why we organised a special #25ForYouthRights photo contest to come together, share our diversity and illustrate what it means to be young today.

Congratulations to the winner Jevgeni Koilov from Estonia and the 4 top finalists Rita Tinoco, Filip Tokic, Maria Lelyuk and Mihaela Carbunar.

Have a look at the entries from across Europe, answering the question "What does being young mean to you?". Does it mean feeling passionate and interested in things, and being excited to grow and expand your horizons? Does it mean actively participating in democracy, looking forward to the future and having hope? Or is it simply just enjoying the present moment with your loved ones?

Thanks to everyone who submitted their pictures and photos!

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