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EU Youth Dialogue Grants


This document aims to summarise the position of the European Youth Forum on the Grants provided by the European Commission for the implementation of the EU Youth Dialogue (EUYD). It addresses two facets of EUYD activities: National Working Groups (NWGs) and European Non-Governmental Youth Organisations (ENGYOs), also referred to as INGYOs. The Youth Forum asks the European Commission to introduce the following changes as part of the next granting period, which starts in 2025.

I. National Working Groups

  1. Increase Funding for National Working Groups
  2. Specify National Youth Councils as Beneficiaries
  3. Align Grant Structure with EUYD Phases
  4. Additional funding provided for the Trio Presidencies’ National Youth Councils

II. European Non-Governmental Youth Organisations

To ensure the full potential of ENGYOs in the process we suggest the following options for consideration:

  1. Allocating additional funding to the European Youth Forum, earmarked specifically to support and coordinate ENGYO involvement in the EUYD process, including those beyond the membership of the Forum.
  2. Empowering the ESG to select a group of European networks of youth organisations in each cycle to receive direct funding from the Commission.
  3. Establishing a European Working Group comprising a fixed number of ENGYOs, the Chair of the EWG being the grant beneficiary, with membership rotating each cycle.

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Kristóf Papp

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