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Empowering Youth Voices: Defending Democracy and European Values


We cannot deny the European Union and its values are facing threats from both inside and outside. We are witnessing a rise of extreme parties throughout Europe. Recent polls and election results also show growing support for extreme right-wing parties amongst young people. The European Youth Forum is committed to actively speaking out against these threats and protecting the values of intercultural understanding, democracy, respect, diversity, human rights, active citizenship, and solidarity.

The European Union and all countries across continental Europe need to actively fight democratic backsliding. Young people are and will be central in countering this tendency. However, the lack of stable funding for youth organisations, shrinking civic spaces, misinformation, as well as reductions in freedom of speech, mean that young people are left to face unprecedented challenges.


  • We call for the democratic and pro-European political groups in the European Parliament to block the anti-democratic forces across the political spectrum from holding influential positions in the European Parliament and from being part of the European Commission in the next mandate.
  • We commit to continue and reinforce the work with the political forces that subscribe to our values.
  • We call for the pro-European and democratic political parties and stakeholders to focus on the challenges and concerns of young people, and improve their engagement with young people and youth organisations at all levels throughout their mandates.

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