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Motion - Finding unity in challenging times


The Israel-Hamas war has reopened a wound in the hearts of millions of Jews, Muslims, Israelis, Palestinians, and Arabs.

The European Youth Forum:

  • Commits to open a constructive dialogue with affected communities aimed at fostering under- standing and sharing knowledge.

  • Calls upon universities, national and international institutions to implement measures aimed at countering discrimination resulting from recent tensions in the Middle East. Ensure public spaces are safe for everyone, fostering an environment of inclusivity and tolerance.

  • Reiterates its dedication to safeguarding the democratic values of the European Union and Council of Europe, and protecting the memory of the past from distortion and denial, particularly the memory of the Holocaust.

  • Urges the European and international institutions to take all appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of the European Jewish and Muslim citizens, including providing immediate protection to schools and places of worship.

  • Encourages the European and international institutions to take all necessary steps to ensure that social media platforms abide by the rules set out in the Digital Services Act and, where applicable, the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation.

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