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Motion: Expressing solidarity with young refugees in the United Kingdom and across wider Europe


The British Youth Council, together with over 100 youth organisations from all over Europe is deeply concerned by the British Government's recent rhetoric on refugees.

As a network of over 100 youth organisations, all committed to the fundamental humanitarian values underpinned by the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), we are unwavering in our belief that the rights of refugees should be respected and upheld.

Therefore, we express alarm at the British Government’s so-called ‘Rwanda deportation policy’ and its efforts to undermine the right to asylum.

Amid a tense and politically-charged situation within the United Kingdom, we demonstrate our collective solidarity with the thousands of asylum seekers who are currently in detention and face deportation to Rwanda. We condemn all efforts to demonise refugees and question their status as refugees and urge the British Government to scrap its deportation plans; stop using hateful and divisive rhetoric and agree to treat refugees with the dignity and compassion they deserve.

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