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MSS - National Youth Council of Slovenia

National Youth Council - Full members
Democracy and young people
The National Youth Council of Slovenia (MSS) is an umbrella organization of 13 national youth organisations in Slovenia. In Slovenia the MSS has been leading the process of strengthening the youth sector nation-wide and has been strongly involved in all stages of youth policy creation since its establishment in 1990. Its regular activities are consulting with the authorities in the field of legislation relevant for youth, informing young people and youth organizations, organizing educational activities on different topics, researching and publishing on youth topics, preparing local, regional and national activities for the promotion of the MSS and youth activities such as campaigns, conferences, round tables, meetings with decision makers, thematic meetings of organizations in the field of youth work etc. The MSS is also well connected internationally, especially in the context of the in European Youth Forum and has reliable partners all over the Europe. It focuses its attention especially to the following topics: participation, youth education, youth employment, youth associations, housing, voluntarism, health, environment, mobility, non-formal education and information. In the past years, the MSS has developed new methods of ensuring the capacity building within the MSS and its member organisations. In 2009, it established a Commission for Youth Policies with over 40 members - representatives of its Board and the office and Member Organizations. The Commission prepares and distributes policy papers in the field mentioned above. The policy papers on youth organizations are of particular importance as their aim is to establish good conditions for operation and development for member organizations. They have served as a basis for the development of the National programme on youth. The MSS is running a process of structured dialogue on national level and is from 2008 responsible for national consultations of the structured dialogue considering the EU guidance via the European Steering Committee. The MSS has also conducted 4 and co- managed 1 national structured dialogue projects. Each of national events gathered approximately 80 young people (together 300) and on regional level more than 550 young people who participated in preparing final positions especially in the field of employability. In 2009, MSS established its own Pool of Trainers – a working group of approximately 30 trainers who meets on regular basis to discuss the developments in the non-formal education and share their knowledge and experience. All MSS’s seminars, trainings and workshops are conducted by the Pool members. One of the Pool functions is to transfer the knowledge to younger trainers, especially on leadership in youth organizations, project management, public relation, human rights etc. Regarding participating with Eastern Partnership countries, MSS is working with them trough European Youth Forum. We are the coordinators supporting the local youth councils and other local activities.