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Motion - The Cyprus Problem: Its international dimension and how young Cypriots are affected by it


In the modern era, where instability and conflict rule much of international relations, it is vital, now more than ever, to preserve respect for human rights. In the sphere of recent developments, such as the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, the re-escalation of the conflict in Caucasus area, the ongoing conflicts in African countries and in Yemen, and the once more re-escalation of the violence and war in Middle East and in Gaza, an old “frozen conflict” remains forgotten for much of the world, and that is the Cyprus Problem. The Cyprus Problem dates back decades with one of the main points of aggravation were the intercommunal riots of 1963-1964, which led to the adoption of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 186.1 The aforementioned resolution calls for the cessation of hostilities and, with the consent of the Government of Cyprus, the deployment of a UN Peacekeeping Force to prevent the recurrence of violence and for the Republic of Cyprus to take the responsibility to restore law and order to prevent further violence in Cyprus.

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