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Reaction to UN investigation of Senior Advisor responsible for youth partnerships


Earlier in August, the Guardian published a series of articles regarding sexual harassment at the United Nations. The European Youth Forum is appalled that a UN Senior Advisor responsible for youth partnerships is currently under investigation for sexual misconduct.

The European Youth Forum’s former Vice-President, UK MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, is one of many who have spoken out against the manipulative and intimidating behaviour he experienced while working with the UN on behalf of the European Youth Forum as well as his involvement with the major group for children and youth.

The European Youth Forum strongly condemns bullying and harassment in any form. We stand behind all young people who have experienced or are currently facing this type of abuse. The problem of sexual harassment is widespread and we must all do what we can to bring it to light and ensure that movements such as #MeToo continue to empower people to speak out.

Young people in particular can be most at risk of abuse due to prevailing power structures and imbalances. We expect the UN to deal with these allegations with the utmost seriousness and to conduct the investigation with openness and transparency so this kind of abuse is not allowed to happen again. Furthermore it is crucial that the UN and Member States ensure sufficient resources are provided to be able to tackle this deeply and structurally.

European Youth Forum President, Luis Alvarado comments:

Young people have a right to be safe. That such abuse of power occurred in an environment where young people should feel the most safe and empowered is deeply disturbing. The UN must do everything it can to safeguard all young people so that they can speak out and participate without fear. What happened is unacceptable and puts at risk the very essence of the work of the institution globally.

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