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Snapshot from Tirana - Spring full of events and festivals in European Youth Capital 2022


Spring is here. Days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and plants are blooming in time for summer. Spring is also a perfect time for outdoor activities, events, and festivals. Tirana is an excellent example that offers plenty of opportunities for youth engagement this spring. Catch up with the latest news from the European Youth Capital 2022!

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Ivan Neirotti

Peace Week 2022

Actively promoting peace is more important than ever. That's why young people in Tirana attended the Peace Week 2022 - a series of activities organised by the UN Association Albania with the support of the National Youth Congress within Tirana European Youth Capital 2022, with the support of the Public Relations Office of the US Embassy in Tirana. During the week of 26 April to 1 May 2022, various initiatives and events for “peace and security” took place. These events addressed the concept and practice of peace at local, national, and regional levels.

The Executive Director of the National Youth Congress, Dafina Peci, during her speech at the opening ceremony, said that this week offers a new space for youth engagement to strengthen the voice and role of young people in the field of peace and security.

"Peace and security issues go beyond the peacekeeping interventions of military forces or international organisations, and that makes the engagement of young people crucial. No lasting peace agreement can be reached without the involvement of young people,” Peci said.

Kristi Cina, President of UN Association Albania described the "peace week” as an important milestone and at the same time an ambitious starting point. "Peace is not a guaranteed good, it is not even an end goal. It is nothing more than the result of an endless effort to resolve conflicts, avoid walls and build bridges between people with themselves, between people with each other, and between nations and states,” added Klajdi Kaziu, Secretary-General of UN Association Albania.

Further on, Klajdi Priska, Policy Officer at the National Youth Congress, and Coordinator of the Program “Youth make creative economy and innovation” – Tirana EYC 2022, underlined the model and importance of cooperation that the National Youth Congress and UN Association Albania brought in the framework of the work for peace and security in the country.

"This journey has been challenging, but I am convinced that it comes with many positive fruits, where we join forces to advance the peace and security agenda. The rights of young people, individual freedom and the values of democracy maintain an important role in this agenda,” Priska stressed.

South Outdoor Festival

The European Youth Capital 2022 brought some beats to the South Outdoor Festival in Albania! It created a fun and good vibes, just as the festival should be. Tirana's info-point welcomed young people from all over Albania and Europe, interested to know more about what this year has to offer and what the European Youth Capital is all about.

Engaging young people in healthy and sustainable activities is one of #TiranaEYC main pillars of work, bringing fun and energised actions. South Outdoor Festival was a celebration of everything that can be enjoyed outdoors.

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