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The activist network

Do you want to become an activist or are you an activist already? Do you want to acquire new skills, network with other young people and organise events and activities for your community?

This is what the Activist Network stands for!

The Activist Network started as a 20-hours training programme on civic participation, social activism & change-making and took place in March and April 2023. During that period we organised, together with our partners, online training courses, as well as local training programmes in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. The Activist Network training programmes were for everyone from 16 to 30 years old residing in Europe.

The training aimed to:

  • Create a local network of young activists;

  • Help young people find their passion and pursue their cause;

  • Support young people in finding their community and creating alliances with others working on similar topics;

  • Give young people the tools to develop their own project, campaign or activity;

  • Empower young people to take care of themselves and others in their activism.

The training programme might be over but the material was grouped together into a training manual which you can download in 10 different languages.

The Activist Network: 20 hours training programme

Welcome to the training manual of the Activist Network!

This is a 20-hour training programme, organised in 10 sessions that can be delivered either online or offline. These guidelines are set up for trainers and facilitators who want to implement this training programme in their own organisation or within their own youth group. This manual will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to facilitate the learning progress of participants.

Key Documents and Resources