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Advocacy handbook

In this handbook you will find the keys to engaging in meaningful advocacy action: core concepts to guide your work, practical frameworks you can follow to plan your actions, do’s and don’ts to avoid the most common mistakes, and inspiring examples from various organisations.

Tailored to your needs

Youth organisations across Europe share a vision: to empower young people and fight for their rights. This vision often translates into many missions and activities, with advocacy taking an important role. It is essentially the process through which non-profit organisations gather support and fight for change with decision-makers.

Youth organisations are the strongest advocates for their own cause. However, the complex ecosystems in which we work can be hard to navigate and guidance is often missing.

This is where this handbook comes in.

What will you find in this handbook?

The handbook is divided into three parts which you can use independently depending on your level of knowledge, your capacities and your needs.

  1. Step-by-Step Advocacy Planning
  2. Pick and Choose Your Actions
  3. Definitions and Concepts

Advocacy Handbook

This handbook has been developed with a vision to primarily support our member organisations in their efforts to deliver advocacy actions on local, national and international level. It aims to serve our members and other youth organisations as a manual providing information on different formats of advocacy and contains a set of practical tools to plan, implement and evaluate an advocacy process. It contains information for those trying to understand the policy and advocacy world, who want to see change and influence policy makers.

It was developed by young advocates for young advocates with contributions from different youth organisations.

Key Documents and Resources

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