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Our societies are becoming more and more polarised. Meaningful dialogue about important issues - the climate crisis, COVID-19 or immigration - has become increasingly difficult.

We are often unable to see ourselves as part of something bigger than a world defined by us vs. them, for or against, agree or disagree. This lack of dialogue and cooperation is detrimental to solving the complex challenges of our times in order to transition towards a more sustainable world.

Our goal is to break this vicious cycle. Together with you, we would like to start a discussion on how to improve dialogue, create rich conversions and build trust within our polarised societies.

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Verena Mitschke

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If we want to tackle big challenges such as climate change, we need to work together. How can we overcome our differences and bring back nuanced dialogue and discussion? And why are we becoming so polarised in the first place? In this article, we aim to answer these questions and explore why it's often easier for us to ignore 'the other side'.

Organise your own workshop

Do you think more nuanced dialogue can improve collaboration to tackle important issues, such as the climate crisis? Do you want to provide a space for shared learning on how to build trust and create rich conversations?

We put together a collection of exercises to facilitate a workshop within your organisation or a group of interested people, including details on group size, timing, goal, steps and general tips for facilitation.

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