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Sustainable development

What do we want the future to look like? While we may have different ideas, we can all agree that we should be striving for a world that is fair, looks after people’s needs and rights, and protects our planet.

Our societies face many global challenges, but there is still hope for change! Sustainable development is about working together to make those changes happen. Sustainable development means that everyone, including future generations, are able to fulfil their needs and realise their rights, while ensuring that this does not overshoot Earth’s natural resources and fundamental life-supporting systems such as a stable climate and fertile soils.

To do so, we need to find new ways to define progress beyond economic growth and put the wellbeing of current and future generations as the centrepiece of policy-making. The European Youth Forum seeks to empower young people in this endeavour. We should never underestimate the power of a young generation to make the change they want to see!

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How can we change the way we live to become more sustainable? Following the Covid-19 crisis, the European Youth Forum teamed up with the European Environmental Bureau to outline that there is an alternative to going back to “normal”.

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The climate crisis is a threat to our planet. Already the cause of extreme weather events such as floods, fires and droughts, the rising temperatures and food and water shortages, in particular in the global South, are all signs that the climate crisis is worsening.

Fiscal policy

A better future means protecting our planet and improving the lives of those who live on it. It also means that we need to rethink the way that our economy works.


Our societies are becoming more and more polarised. Meaningful dialogue about important issues - the climate crisis, COVID-19 or...

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