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And the winner is: Tromsø European Youth Capital 2026


Breaking news Tromsø has been awarded the European Youth Capital 2026 title. Not only is Tromsø the “youngest city” in Norway, with almost 50% of its inhabitants under 35 years old, but also a city of 140 nationalities. So get ready for a fresh and diverse 2026 European Youth Capital experience. Get ready to meet the True North ❄️

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Ivan Neirotti

Tromsø successfully won over the jury with its commitment to foster young people’s active citizenship and strengthen their contribution to the development of society. They have pledged to do this by promoting creativity, experimentation, and cooperation. Their motto? Together we can shape Europe’s future.

From the Arctic to Lublin

Tromsø’s team flew to Lublin to find out the news and now they’re about to dive in the preparations for their journey to be the 2026 European Youth Capital.

“The process of applying for the title has had a big impact on youth participation in our city. The input from young people became the priority for Tromsø and 18 out of 43 elected officials in our city are under 35. We will show young people from the arctic are of key strategic importance for Europe”.

- Luna Drecker, Tromsø Youth Council

In their proposal, Tromsø’s team committed to make Tromsø and the Arctic a better place for young people to live, work and create, based on principles of sustainability and inclusivity.

The Jury was particularly encouraged by Tromsø’s commitment to highlight indigenous identity and traditions in their plans. Tromsø has an important social responsibility as a regional hub. Even though Norway scores 95.8 on the Youth Progress Index, there are many needs that must be addressed for the young population in the city and the region.

The True North

Did you know that Tromsø is located mostly on an island? Have you ever heard stories about the life and culture of the Sámi people? Have you ever been to a place where the sun doesn’t set in summer? The biggest city in Northern Norway has all this to offer and much more as it begins its Tromsø 2026 ride. Make sure to tag along 🇳🇴

Want to know more about the European Youth Capital?

Each year, the European Youth Forum gives a European city the chance to showcase their innovative ideas, projects and activities that aim to strengthen young voices and bring young people’s perspectives to all aspects of city life. Since 2009, over 10,000 events have been held, cities have secured tens of millions in additional funding and over 12,000 volunteers have helped to deliver the projects. Find out more about the title here.

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