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The climate crisis is a threat to our planet. Already the cause of extreme weather events such as floods, fires and droughts, the rising temperatures and food and water shortages, in particular in the global South, are all signs that the climate crisis is worsening.

Young people are at the forefront of global social movements demanding climate action. However, world leaders are not doing enough to respond to these calls.

The European Youth Forum views the climate crisis as a systemic issue that can only be solved by tackling the root causes. We work directly with EU decision-makers to advocate for systemic change to how our economy works and to ensure that young people are meaningfully included and heard in decision making.

Time for system change, not climate change, to end the short-sighted policies and push for ambitious, necessary change!

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Jan Mayrhofer

Our planet has limits and we are well beyond them.

all we need is less

The way we get materials, fuels, and food contributes to about half of all climate pollution. It also causes over 90% of biodiversity loss and water problems. Our global consumption habits worry experts. In Europe, we use way more than what's okay for the planet - more than double the sustainable limit.

And here's the tricky part: not everyone uses things the same way. The richest people use A LOT - 72% of everything. How about the poorest 1.2 billion? They only use about 1% 🤯

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