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The way the world works is changing. Our jobs, relationships, education, democratic engagement and day to day lives are being shaped by digitalisation.

A digitalised world brings so many new possibilities, but also presents many challenges. In the labour market for example, digital skills are becoming more and more important, however, not everyone has the same opportunities to develop these skills.

As the group most connected to the internet, young people are naturally among the most affected by opportunities it presents but also new risks associated with digitalisation.

What needs to happen?

  • Decision-makers must act to prevent a digital divide! All young people must have equal access to information and communication technologies (ICT) and to a free, open and neutral internet.

  • Decision-makers must establish specific educational programmes for youth on digitalisation and the use of digital technology, including young people’s participation in the decision-making process linked to digitalisation.

  • Decision-makers and employers must manage the impacts of digitalisation and constant connectivity on young people’s social skills and their mental health as well as regulate emerging technologies that monitor and surveil employees, respecting the right to privacy of workers and giving them ownership over the data that they create at work.

Our must read!

Think about how the digital world influences our lives. Is the internet a free, open space? Who controls what we read, buy, see and watch online? What is our personal data being used for?

Our Pineapple Report puts forward a range of proposals on what policymakers, institutions and society at large can do.

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