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Youth rights

From housing and work, to education and health; as human beings, we are all entitled to our rights and freedoms.

For some groups of people, however, accessing these rights can become more difficult due to different factors such as age, race, gender, sexual identity or disability.

For current and future young generations, being able to access rights without discrimination or additional barriers is crucial.

The European Youth Forum strives to ensure that all young people, regardless of who they are, have full and equal access to their rights. We will always stand up #foryouthrights!

What needs to happen?

  • Young people must be recognised as rights-holders, and their rights must be protected, respected, and fulfilled.

  • Youth rights must be legally recognised through a binding International Convention on the Rights of Young People with an accompanying monitoring mechanism.

  • Policies and legislation must be rights-based and do better at tackling all grounds of discrimination, including age.

Our must read!

Would you like to learn more about youth rights and the specific challenges that young people face? In our introductory guide, we examine how we can better understand youth rights and explain how they are recognised by the United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe.

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Social and economic rights

For many young people, the journey to becoming independent is not easy. They often face particular challenges that can have a harmful effect on their wellbeing, quality of life and financial stability.


The way the world works is changing. Our jobs, relationships, education, democratic engagement and day to day lives are being shaped by digitalisation.

Inclusion and diversity

We are all different.

Where we come from, our ethnicity, religion, the language that we speak, our gender, our sexual orientation, all contribute to our unique identities.


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We collected 8,400 signatures to #BanUnpaidInternships.

Platform work

Platform work is among the new forms of work increasingly being taken up by young people. But platform work often means low and unstable income with no guarantee of having a job tomorrow. How can we change that?

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