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Social and economic rights

For many young people, the journey to becoming independent is not easy.

They often face particular challenges that can have a harmful effect on their wellbeing, quality of life and financial stability.

For example, young generations are much more likely to experience unemployment, precarious working conditions and poverty.

The European Youth Forum stands up for all young people’s right to a quality job, social protection, decent housing, and access to mental and physical health services.

What needs to happen?

  • Decision-makers must ensure that all young people have the right to stable, meaningful employment with decent working conditions, including fair remuneration, quality training and learning content.

  • Decision makers should ensure young people have access to welfare, housing, education and social assistance. Social protection must be fair and allow a life of dignity above the poverty line.

  • Decision-makers must ensure a future of work where all young people’s social and economic rights are met and the realities of young people are reflected in all discussions on this important issue.

Our must read!

Young people were disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our research, Beyond Lockdown: the 'pandemic scar' on young people is based on the findings of a survey of 4,500 young people across Europe as well as focus groups to get more detailed feedback from young people on their experiences.

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