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EU Elections 2024

Between the 6 and 9 June 2024, citizens across the 27 EU Member States will head to the polls to elect over 700 MEPs, shaping the next European Parliament. Not only does everyone’s vote count towards determining the EU's political direction and policies for the next five years, but it’ll also determine our everyday lives.

young people care

​Imagine you, a young European, walking into a voting booth, ready to make your voice heard on decisions that shape your future. This is about standing up for what matters to you, from better education to climate change, online privacy and equality for everybody.

Elections are not just a distant political event; they have tangible impacts on the everyday lives of everyone across Europe. The policies and decisions made by elected officials directly influence access to education, job opportunities, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Even your local youth club is affected and that’s just a small part of the list. By participating in elections, young people have the power to shape the future they want to see and hold leaders accountable for their promises and actions.

manifest young people’s future

Young people make up 25% of the EU population, and their struggles, concerns, and ideas should be the driving force behind the EU's next chapter.

Together with our member organisations, we created a Youth Manifesto! It's packed with 20 demands covering democracy and participation, sustainability, digitalisation, and youth rights. If these demands are put into action, they'll make a huge difference to the lives of young people all over Europe.

You can read our Youth Manifesto in English, Italian, German, French or Spanish 👇

did you know that not all young people in Europe can vote?

It's true! While 16 and 17-year-olds in Belgium and Germany will be voting for the first time - joining their peers in Austria and Malta, as well as Greece (where 17-year-olds also have that right), others their age won't have that chance.

Seven million of 16 and 17 year olds across the EU are denied their democratic say. This is discrimination!

That's why we're calling on the European Parliament and the Council of the EU to make a big change: push for lowering the voting age to 16!

we're on a mission: to get more young people into the next European Parliament

Did you know that only 2 MEPs are under 30 - making up just 0.25% of the European Parliament? We're working hard to change this and for more political parties to prioritise younger candidates and place them in electable positions on their electoral lists. This way, we can make sure our voices are heard loud and clear by people who understand young people’s needs and dreams.

📌 LevelUP! aka taking young people’s activism to the next level

1300 young people came to Brussels to participate in our capacity building event in the European Parliament between Friday 12 and Saturday 13 April 2024. They came together to learn more about the EU, elevate their activism skills to amplify their impact on issues they care about and learn how to mobilise young voters in their own communities back at home.

📌 Don't leave it up to others to decide our future!

Struggling with rent? Feeling climate anxiety? These are our everyday battles and the European elections are our chance to fight for change! This is why we are joining forces with Sony Music, to get performing artists to share the message about the importance of voting and spread it to even more young people around Europe.

📌 We need more debates for young people!

That's why we organised the Rising Stars Debate. This wasn't your average debate. It was a platform for youth leaders from the Youth wings of Political Parties that are full members of the Youth Forum to share their visions for Europe's future. They explored topics like climate change, education, and equality, serving as an inspiring platform showcasing the voices of youth politics.

Meet the rising stars:

  • Enric López Jurado, Young European Socialists
  • Ines Holzegger, European Liberal Youth
  • Derek Groot, Youth of the European People's Party
  • Sean Currie, Federation of Young European Greens

* In order of appearance in the photo (from left to right)

we’re not alone 💪

We are also supporting the following campaigns and coalitions: